The Designer

Does your pets need a bright coloured sundress for a Sunday picnic? Or perhaps a fitted tux for a black tie wedding? Catered to all breeds of all ages and sizes, D'Couture offers custom-made couture and ready-to-wear fun outfits for your pets! All D'Couture outfits are handmade using premium human grade materials to ensure comfort and durability for your beloved pets. Ready to kick it up a notch? Get your pet's custom-made outfit to match yours!

Following the success of her premium couture lines Dominique Nadine and Little Dominique, D'Couture was dreamt up by fashion designer Dominique Nadine. An avid animal lover and owner of two dogs—a Red Toy Poodle and White Mini Pomeranian, respectively named Kimchi and Fluffy, Dominique Nadine always loved dressing up her pets in fashionable outfits for different occasions.

What began as a mere hobby quickly turned into a business. She decided to spread the love to other animal lovers! If we deserve to dress ourselves up, so do our pets! What's more, you can customize your pet's outfit to match yours and your kids' for a wedding, party, photo shoot, and other special occasions. Your pets will never miss out on being part of the family. And we all know that pets are nothing short of sweet, adorable, loyal, and most importantly, they are our best companion. So, let's dress up our pets and spread the love!