Christmas & Maternity Collection

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Special Thanks To :

clothes & accesories :
D'couture by Dominique Nadine

styling by :
Dominique Nadine

photos by :
Roy kurniawan setiono

studio by :
Dan santoso

Decoration by :
O De Fleur
[email protected]

Photo Editor by :
[email protected]

Video by :
[email protected]

Models by :
Female Red Poodle :
Kimchi, D'Couture icon

Pom :
Fluffy, D'Couture icon

Male Red Poodle :
Peanut, courtesy of Mr.Richard

yorkshire :
Rambo, courtesy of Ms. Tiffany

Brown chihuahua:
Snoopy, courtesy of Ms.Tifanny

White chihuahua:
Princess, courtesy of Ms.Tifanny

White chihuahua:
Happy, courtesy of Ms. Tifanny

Black papillon:
Yogi, courtesy of Ms.Tifanny

Brown ‎papillon:
Waka, courtesy of Ms. Tifanny

Zara, courtesy of Ms.Tifanny

Black ‎poodle:
Smiley, courtesy of Ms. Tifanny‎